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2022 Annual General Meeting

Overview of our meeting from February 22, 2022

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Opening Remarks

Jane Phillips, President, opened the meeting with a Land Acknowledgement. She then provided general comments, before introducing our guest speakers; Councillor Demerla and Rudy Cuzzetto, MPP

Councillor, Dipika Damerla

The Councillor provided an update on various projects and City initiatives (completed and current) that impact our Village and surrounding neighbourhoods:

  • Cooksville has met the 12% greenspace requirement for their area. They are also being designated a “15-minute neighbourhood” which means most services are all within a 15-minute walking distance.

  • The City budget was passed to create Mississauga Rent Safe. A program that will promote proactive inspection of rental properties versus waiting for complaints.

  • The City is also working on a Home Share program – this initiative matches up students to live with seniors who have large homes and provides the students with reduced rent offset by chores done for the owners.

  • There were numerous questions from the members on the garbage collection options being studied by the Region of Peel. The Councillor shared that there are 3 options – status quo, a “pay for what you use” option, and a hybrid solution.

Member of Provincial Parliament, Rudy Cuzzetto

As our MPP, Rudy Cuzzetto spoke about the various initiatives his Government is working on:

  • In particular, he reminded members that the requirement for QR codes to be shown to enter establishments is stopping on March 1st.

  • Also that Covid test kits are available at all grocery stores.

  • He shared the exciting news about the rebuilding of the Mississauga Hospital, as part of Trillium Health Partners redevelopment plan.

  • Rudy also provided quick updates on; the Credit River Bridge project, the removal of automobile sticker requirements, decreases in Hydro rates, as well as some recycling and electric vehicle projects.

  • Several members had questions regarding the recycling projects the Province is working on.

President's Message

After Councillor Demerla, and Rudy Cuzzetto, MPP, Jane Phillips shared how the Village is managing through the COVID 19 pandemic. While we were not able to hold some of our regular events, the ones we had were a great success. She talked about the Fall Festival, the Luminaries event, and spoke about our hope to hold more events if possible, in 2022.

Jane expressed her appreciation to all residents of the Village for their support during this challenging time.


Financial Update

David Lawton, Treasurer, presented the Financial Statement for 2021, which showed the Association is in a good financial position.

Total income for the year was high due to the grant received from the City through the Small Project Matching Grant. Expenses were minimal, mainly from our website fees, and the Fall Festival and Luminaries events.

David reminded members that our Financials are signed off by the President and Vice President. Also, we have had the same bank account at the same branch for many years, and all expenditures require two director sign-offs and a full reconciliation of any project-related expenses.

David expressed reassurance that, once we are able to resume social activities, the Association has the funds to support Village events.

Building Community Update

Aaron Wouters spoke on behalf of Janet Miazga, Building Community Director. Aaron shared the details of the successful Fall Festival event that was held in October, and attended by over 70 members.

We unveiled the Spring Perennial event which will take place in early May. There was a drawing for 2 gift certificates donated by Springbank Nurseries. We also expressed our thanks to Mo Snobar who donated pumpkins and provided tents for the day.


Membership Update

Celia Desmond, Membership Director, shared details about our 2021 Membership Drive. There are 138 addresses in the village, 133 of which are identifiable from an owner standpoint. We received membership enrollment/renewal in 101 addresses, for a 76% participation.

The new Directory was distributed to all residents of the Village in the fall.


Communications Report

Aaron Wouters, Communications Director, spoke about the Yard of the Month program which ran for three months in 2021. The program will be held again in 2022 from June through September. Aaron also spoke about the NextDoor site, which has had very good participation from Village residents.

Aaron also encouraged members to visit our own website on a regular basis as it is continually being updated with useful information.


Land Development Update

David MacRae, City Liaison Director, spoke about the EV Royale project. As of the AGM, there has been no progress or submissions to the City on the 9 LPAT requirements for the developer to proceed with their project.

David also shared the update on the school, which is to increase the footprint of the Erindale Academy. There is a design change that has been submitted to the City, which will require a Heritage Impact study before it can proceed. David is in contact with several councillors regarding this and has expressed our concerns. We feel confident that it will receive the proper scrutiny before it is approved.

Finally, David shared that the City council, led by Carolyn Parrish, defeated a motion that was being proposed to rename Dundas Street in Mississauga.


Motion # 1 – Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve the Agenda for the AGM

Motion passed


Motion # 2 – Approval of 2021 AGM Minutes

Motion to approve the minutes of the last AGM held on February 18, 2021

Motion passed


Motion # 3 – Dispensation of Financial Audit

WHEREAS the corporation is required by law to have a financial audit or formal review of finances.  The budget of the EVA is very small and the cost of an audit would exceed the available funds.  While the Board is willing to attest to the accuracy of the financial statements;

BE IT RESOLVED, that the membership has agreed to dispense with the requirement for a financial audit of the 2021 financial statements.

Motion passed

Motion # 4 – Election of Members to the Board of Directors

Our by-laws allow us to have 12 board members.  In the updated Constitution the board has transitioned to a two-year staggered rotation of terms.

Henceforth members will be elected for a two-year term to maintain this rotation. The members willing to stand for election are:

  • Mike Manrique
  • Rishi Tibriwal
  • Aaron Wouters
  • Janet Miazga
  • Colleen Peddle
  • Dan Giampuzzi


Motion passed to vote these members onto the board as a slate.

More information on the Directors can be found here.

Motion # 5 – Communications

That the Association conduct a review of residents of the ways and means each now gets information of interest on the conduct of affairs and projects of the Association and how they would like to get information in the future.

That this survey be carried out by a person or persons who are not members of the current Board. That, if possible, those doing the survey have some experience in this kind of work. That the Board set a reasonable deadline for the survey to be completed and a report made to the Board.

Some points to be considered:


  • That a pre-trial and review of the survey be done to ensure completeness, validity and reliability.

  • That the survey ensure that those who are eligible have the opportunity to reply whether done via e-mail, in-person or other means.

  • That the survey include each adult (18 years or older living in the residence

  • That it not include students of age renting or living in a residence during the school year and who are not family members.

  • That it not include non-residents.

  • That it include residents who rent a home or part of a home full-time.


The motion did not pass.


Motion # 6 – Village Directory

That the next and future directories be of greater use to the residents of the Village by making the following changes:


  • Include street addresses of all homes with resident names, street mailing address, phone number and email address

  • Where the resident does not one or more of the above items shone in the directory, their request will be honoured except the address is listed.

  • Where no information is shown at the address, but the resident is a member in good standing, a symbol such as (M) be added.

  • No additional information is shown in the address for a resident who is a non-member of the Erindale Village Association.

  • Complete information for all members of the EVA Board be listed including position held, phone number, mail and email addresses.

  • In the list of important numbers, the extension number of the office be shown


The motion did not pass.


Motion # 7 – Communications Committee

That the EVA form a committee to review all aspects of communications with its members in order to look for improvements in their effectiveness, quality of their content and usefulness to the membership.  This committee shall include both board members and general members of the association. 

The Board will immediately solicit member volunteers and will appoint the appropriate number of board members. A report with recommendations shall be prepared and presented to the membership no later than the next AGM.  Recommendations made by the committee that are deemed to be of obvious benefit and do not require ratification by the membership can be implemented immediately with approval of the board.

Motion passed

Again this year, due to restrictions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic,
the meeting was held in a virtual format, using Zoom.
Interested In Joining The Board of Directors?
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