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Christina's homemade dog cookies & quail eggs

Looking to add something different to your dog's diet? Quail eggs are a great addition! Whether it be added to the dogs kibble as a topper or in addition to a raw diet, it's great for their skin and coat!

Im also offering homemade cookies. The current flavors are:

Aaron W.

Aaron W.

Looks like Ford is in favour of splitting Mississauga from the Region.

Fed up with aggressive drivers? You are not alone. Complaints about aggressive drivers are among the top issues citywide. Here is some info from our Councillor, Dipika that I wanted to share.

There is some help, it's called Road Watch and is run by Peel Police. Here is how it works;

RoadWatch© allows you to report dangerous and aggressive driving. If you witness an incident of dangerous or aggressive driving, you can fill out a RoadWatch© report. You can submit your RoadWatch© report online.

Colleen Peddle

Hi Everyone,

We need 6 more people to sign up for the Neighbourhood Watch program to get it off the ground. Once we have reached 20 people the city will put up signs in the neighbourhood to warn potential criminals. There is very little commitment needed on your part. You can also sign up a spouse. Help us reach 20 residents in order to take the first step in creating a safer community.

Please email Gerald Adad, with the subject line "NW Registration - Erindale Village" and tell him you want to register.

Aaron W.


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